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A Management Franchise

Build a lucrative, multi-van service business in a substantial and growing market.

Your Plumber presents an excellent management franchise opportunity for those keen to apply their commercial skills to build an innovative and highly profitable service business.

Prior experience in the plumbing and heating sector is not necessary. Your Plumber provides a proven system and on-going support to enable suitable applicants to successfully enter into the lucrative plumbing and heating sector.

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The Market Opportunity

The plumbing and heating market is large, with proven demand from both homes and businesses. However, it is poorly serviced and has been blighted by 'rogue traders' and unreliable contractors who fail to meet customer expectations.

The opportunity for Your Plumber franchisees is to use our systems and business tools to provide customers with a customer focused service that is based on reliability and professionalism.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, endorsed by Which? and work to strict service standards. By appointing commercially capable franchise partners to recruit and manage a team of technicians, we are able to provide customers with an entirely more efficient and reliable experience than dealing with a sole trader.

The Market

The UK plumbing and heating market is large (worth around £9.2bn a year) and extremely mature. However it is highly fragmented and comprises mostly independent contractors and sole traders.

The industry is largely unregulated and is characterised by poor service and unreliability. Some contractors exploit consumer nativity and rogue practice is regularly publicised. Consumers are therefore wary of who they appoint and often find it difficult to find reliable and trustworthy plumbers. When they do they use them again and again, and tell their friends, colleagues and relations too!

The size and maturity of the plumbing and heating sector combined with the failure of the general competition to meet customer expectations represents the real opportunity to profit from a professional and customer-focused local service. With the backing of the Your Plumber brand and the support provided, our franchise owners capitalise on this opportunity.

Our range of services

Your Plumber is an established and respected provider of plumbing and heating services. Franchisees provide a broad range of repair, maintenance and installation services to a mix of both local homes and businesses.

Franchise owners aren’t hands-on plumbers, but business owners who recruit and manage teams of engineers and support staff capable of providing the range of Your Plumber services. These services include:

Installation, repair and routine servicing of hot and cold water systems and drainage systems.

Boilers and central heating
Installation, repair and routine servicing of boilers and central heating components.

Design and installation of complete bathroom solutions.

Customers choose to use the Your Plumber service either on an ‘on-demand’ basis, paying for the service as they need it, or by joining HeatCare, Your Plumber’s service plan scheme paid by monthly Direct Debit. Franchisees therefore build businesses that enjoy recurring monthly revenue from service plan customers plus additional income from servicing on-demand customers.

What's Different

Your Plumber does not provide an ordinary heating and plumbing service. We have created a distinctive service package that enables franchise owners to provide a premium priced service with a sharp competitive edge.

Your Plumber franchises are owned and run by people who aren't plumbers but who have good commercial skills and strong managerial capability. This provides customers with a distinctly different service to that provided by van-based plumbers.

Here are some of the reasons why Your Plumber franchises are more competitive than independent contractors:

  • A formal health & safety system – ensures professionalism and wins commercial customers
  • Administrative software - maximises efficiency and organisation to ensure high quality service
  • A defined code of conduct and clear standards of service
  • A well-structured system for appointing and managing engineers and sub-contractors
  • A bespoke service contract that provides active recurring revenue from secured customers
  • A bespoke pricing system that ensures every job provides the required profit margin
  • Systematic procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy when surveying and providing services
  • FCA approved, and so can offer attractive finance packages
  • Has a smart, professional branding
  • Is endorsed by Which?

The Your Plumber business formula is highly effective at winning customers and maintaining their loyalty. It is professional and customer-focused, designed to enable franchise owners to effectively compete, build market share and maximise earnings.

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The Franchise Package

Successful applicants are granted exclusive territories, each offering the potential for a multi-van business to be developed. The Your Plumber franchise package has been developed to provide franchise owners with the business tools and support to fully embrace the potential offered by owning a plumbing and heating business.

Opening Support

Your Plumber provides opening support and guidance to assist franchisees in getting set up and ready for business. This process includes a start-up package which provides:

  • 5 year franchise license
  • Defined territory with exclusive rights
  • 4 week training programme
  • Bespoke IT management system
  • Business operations manuals
  • Health and safety management system
  • Promotional literature and stationery
  • Localised web site and email facility
  • Branded workwear
  • Stock and equipment
  • Launch marketing campaign
Initial Training

An initial 4 week training course is provided to ensure franchise owners are properly equipped to run a plumbing and heating business and confident for the journey ahead. The course covers all aspects of running the business – scheduling, surveying, estimating, health & safety, staff recruitment, sales and marketing.

We do not require franchise owners to retrain as plumbers or to undertake any technical hands-on training as they are not required to carry out repairs themselves. However we do provide an online e-learning training programme to provide franchisees with sufficient knowledge about systems, maintenance and repair to be able to manage the service with confidence.

There's no substitute for hands on experience. During the initial training programme we provide an induction with our own company owned franchise where new franchise owners can see how training applies in the real world.

Management System

Franchisees are given access to our bespoke works management system designed to assist them in the operation of a management franchise. The system enables franchisees to:

  • Manage client information
  • Schedule appointments
  • Estimate work
  • Issue invoices and process payments
  • Organise marketing campaigns
  • Track business performance
  • Participate in online training courses
  • Connect with other franchisees via a chat forum
Professional Image

A strong corporate image in a largely unprofessional and poorly presented industry is one of our franchisees’ most valuable assets. Your Plumber's professional branding and striking image helps our franchisees to become immediately distinguishable from the competition.

When people hear the name ‘Your Plumber’, see our adverts, visit our website or even see our vehicles, they think: established, professional and reliable service.

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On-Going Support

Working with our franchisees

Starting a new business is a big step and choosing the right partner is essential. Having an experienced and committed partner can make all the difference.

Throughout the duration of the franchise agreement Your Plumber maintains a vested interest in franchisees' success and provides support in a number of key areas, working with franchisees to help them develop their businesses.

Read more about some of the ways we provide on-going support to our franchisees

Training & Mentoring
Meetings & Conferences
Finance Schemes
HeatCare Service Plans
Business Reviews

Marketing Matters

Building awareness to make the phone ring

Our marketing programme supports franchisees on two levels: firstly by building national awareness of the service; secondly by providing marketing 'tools' and assistance in creating tailored marketing plans to help franchisees generate local customer enquiries.

Central to our online marketing support is our website which feeds enquiries directly to franchisees. View our site HERE.

  • Pay per click advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Central Web site
  • Leaflet campaigns
  • Print advertising
  • Online trade directories
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations

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Training and Mentoring

In business for yourself, but not by yourself

We provide our franchisees with training, support and mentoring to maximise the potential of their businesses. Refresher training sessions, 1-2-1 reviews, group conferences and regular liaison are provided to help overcome common challenges such as:

  • Finding new customers
  • Charging correctly
  • Converting sales
  • Managing finances and profits
  • Scheduling efficiently
  • Maintaining high customer satisfaction
  • Hiring and managing staff and contractors
  • Meeting Health and Safety requirements
  • Conforming to regulations and legislation

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Meetings & Conferences

Your Plumber arranges annual meetings to which all franchisees are invited. These forums are used to brief franchisees on new developments and also to discuss challenges and new initiatives.

They provide an invaluable opportunity for franchisees to contribute to Your Plumber’s strategy and to meet and network with other franchisees to share views and experiences.

Finance Schemes

Win more customers with a range of finance schemes

Your Plumber is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We manage FCA compliance and provide franchisees with access to consumer credit services.

This enables franchisees to offer competitive finance packages including 0% interest free credit and buy now pay later.

  • Offer monthly payment plans
  • Win more customers
  • Close more sales
  • Increase average job values
  • Be more affordable than the competition

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HeatCare Service Plans

Your Plumber provides HeatCare, a service plan scheme which enables customers to pay by monthly Direct Debit. This enables franchisees to build regular monthly income from service plan customers, in addition to sales made to on-demand users.

Your Plumber administers the scheme on behalf of franchisees, providing the Direct Debit facility and maintaining applications, documentation and renewals so that franchisees can concentrate on expanding their contract base.

Business Reviews

Your Plumber arranges regular business reviews with franchisees to analyse business performance and identify areas for improvement or development.

We assist franchisees in creating suitable business plans for continually developing the business and ensure that franchisees receive the support they need to achieve the goals set in their plans.

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What's Involved

A Team-Based

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Managing A

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The Your Plumber franchise offers an opportunity to develop and run a professional multi-van service business. It is suited to those with solid commercial experience, ideally gained from having worked in the service sector, possessing great interpersonal skills, passion and drive, allied to a burning ambition to own a team-based business.

It is not necessary to have any experience of the heating and plumbing industry. Franchise owners are managers, not engineers, and although they may occasionally provide an extra pair of hands when necessary, they do not clamber under baths or squeeze into airing cupboards.

Having a practical background and an empathy with service businesses is certainly helpful, but the primary responsibilities of a franchise owner are to build a team of expert engineers and focus on business development. We help them to do this.


Being responsible for a Your Plumber franchise involves applying a broad range of managerial skills to develop 'gold standard' service business.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting and managing a team of qualified engineers and sub-contractors
  • Ensuring efficient scheduling of work
  • Liaising with customers
  • Conducting site surveys
  • Applying effective business control
  • Setting up finance packages and service contracts on behalf of customers
  • Monitoring service quality
  • Staff training and mentoring
  • Networking and business development
  • Organising marketing activity

Typically, franchise owners commence trading from home, employ a qualified heating engineer and use approved sub-contractors. As the business matures a move to small business premises will be necessary and the team will largely comprise employed engineers plus an administrator.



Joining Your Plumber gives you access to a network of other Your Plumber franchisees to draw on for knowledge and experience.

Read why some of these franchisees decided to invest with Your Plumber.

Stuart and Angela Randall, Ashford

The Your Plumber structure is excellent. You know what you need to do, when you need to do it and told very clearly how to do it. We liked the fact that the set up was focused on a long-term relationship.

We've never been in a position where we've been too worried about there not being enough business. It's always busy and there's no way we would have reached the level of turnover if we'd been on our own, not even half of it.

I think the progress our business has made is absolute proof that it's the right strategy.

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Indy Gill

Indy Gill started his Your Plumber franchise just over 4 months ago and despite having no previous managerial experience he is well on track with developing his business, with over 100 jobs already completed.

Having not run a business before Indy Gill was understandably anxious about how he would manage a Your Plumber franchise. The ambition to run his own business had been burning for some time and after having his home boiler changed he researched the plumbing and heating market and quickly realised the huge potential it offered. But, he had limited technical knowledge and no experience of managing a business.

He says, "I knew the plumbing and heating market was substantial and presented a great business opportunity. However, I didn't feel that getting trained to go out to fix or fit boilers was what I wanted to do. I wanted to concentrate on building a business".

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Our events

Come and find out more about owning a Your Plumber franchise business

We hold regular Discovery Days at our office in Bournemouth, Dorset where you can find out more and see what support is provided to help you start a plumbing and heating business.

Upcoming Discovery Days

  • Wednesday 15th March
  • Wednesday 12th April
  • Wednesday 24th May
  • Wednesday 7th June

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Your questions

Find answers below to some of our most common questions.

What are the benefits of joining a franchise rather than starting alone?

Franchising provides a turn-key business opportunity, where systems have already been created and tested ready for you to replicate. This reduces the risk in starting a business independently and helps to accelerate the growth of a new business.

There are detailed manuals explaining how to run every aspect of the business, and with training and on-going support provided by people will extensive knowledge and experience in this field, franchising enables you to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

It's a very competitive market. Is there room for another service?

The heating and plumbing market is competitive. It's also very large, and increasing because of (1) the growth in cash rich:time poor homeowners, (2) the reduced life expectancy of standard boilers and (3) regulatory demands imposed on landlords and businesses.

Your Plumber is a quality focused and premium priced service. In a fragmented market served by a myriad of small contractors with highly variable standards the Your Plumber service stands out for its professionalism and innovation.

I'm not a plumber. How can I run a heating and plumbing business?

It really isn’t necessary to be a heating and plumbing expert as you will not be a hands-on plumber but responsible for the administrative and managerial aspects of running the business.

It certainly helps to have a bit of knowledge and some affinity with the industry, and with the service industry, but what is far more important is that you possess sound commercial and leadership ability. You need to be good at teambuilding and have great people-skills. Our training will provide the required technical knowledge and our sales and operations systems enable franchise owners to survey and quote with confidence.

How difficult is it to recruit good staff?

Finding good staff who are well-qualified, with enough experience and the right personality is critical to the success of a Your Plumber franchise.

As with any recruitment, a thorough process is required to find suitable hires. We provide support to franchisees to help find, interview and recruit suitable technicians.

What training is provided?

An initial 4 week training course helps ensure franchise owners are properly set up to run the business. It covers all aspects of running the business – scheduling, surveying, estimating, health & safety, staff recruitment, sales and marketing.

We do not require franchise owners to retrain as plumbers, as they are not required to carry out repairs themselves. However we do provide an online e-learning training programme to provide franchisees with sufficient knowledge about systems, maintenance and repair to be able to manage the service with confidence.

We guarantee that you’ll walk out of any of our training programmes feeling confident and equipped for the challenge ahead.

How do I get customers?

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is how and where to find new customers. One of the advantages in partnering with Your Plumber is that there is a proven marketing system in place to help find a steady flow of new business.

Our franchisees benefit from a broad range of promotional and marketing activity that ensures our services are advertised to potential clients consistently both online and offline. Leafleting campaigns, search engine advertising, newspaper ads, social media and email marketing make up just some of the ways that we promote our services.

How much can I earn?

The earning potential for a well-organised and professionally managed plumbing and heating service is considerable, limited only really by your own ambition. However you should be aware that the earning potential is dependent on the application and effort that you devote and the extent to which you promote the service.

To provide a guide, in a well run Your Plumber franchise a single van should be capable of generating an annual turnover of £175,000, with gross profit of £102,000. The more demand you are able to generate, means the more vans you can employ and therefore more profit!

How do I find out more?

Fill in an enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we’ll send you an information pack. If you prefer to speak to someone, call us on 0333 003 5895, and someone in our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Our process is informal and at no time are you under any obligation. When you have the information you need and are ready to progress your interest, we’ll arrange for you to visit our Head Office so you can find out more.

Again your visit is without any obligation, and is to give you the opportunity to learn more, whilst we assess your suitability as well before we progress to the next stage.

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