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Why do plumbers have such a poor reputation?

14 April 2015


Why do plumbers have such a poor reputation? Mention plumbers and invariably the perception that arises is one of suspicion and mistrust - apparently we're all 'cowboys'out to exploit naive, vulnerable customers.

It is, however, a highly distorted view. The reality is that most plumbers are hard working and conscientious who appreciate the value of satisfied customers to their business. Indeed most set out with the best intentions to develop a business that provides good customer service, earning referrals and a good reputation.

But, the problem for many self-employed plumbers is that although they're usually great at plumbing they are not always so good at running a business. Keeping on top of the many tasks that running an efficient business demands is not easy, and often it's ignored. The unfortunate irony is that as plumbers become busier and their reputation grows service standards begin to fall as they become overwhelmed with the workload. Missed appointments, forgetting to send estimates, not getting back to clients are all examples of typical failings that undermine the good work that plumbers do.

The fact is that there are many very reliable plumbers across the UK who don't build the customer reputation, and success, they deserve simply because their technical competence is not matched by their administrative competence.

A priority for Your Plumber when creating its franchise model was to develop a works management system designed to make it easy to administer the business. As a result Your Plumber franchisees are able to run highly efficient businesses because key functions such as job booking, estimate preparation, financial control and marketing are automated and so simple to manage. They are therefore able to devote quality time to servicing and developing customers, which is key to a successful business.

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