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Plumbers - are you under-valuing your service?

11 May 2015

We’re all familiar with the saying “You get what you pay for”. Generally, its true – the more you pay for a product or service the better it will be. So, it was interesting to recently overhear someone say they were looking for “an inexpensive but good plumber”.

This raised an interesting question. Do ‘inexpensive’ and ‘good’ belong in the same sentence? It’s quite natural for people to seek out the best value but can you really expect to get a plumbing service that is both ‘good’ and ‘inexpensive’? I suspect most people would agree that the answer is no. Which means that a good, experienced plumber with a decent track record should be the one charging a decent price to reflect expertise, reputation, and service quality. Right?

Not always. It seems that many good plumbers are still failing to pitch their price at a level that matches the quality and value of the service they offer. They don’t fully understand how to position and market themselves to make the right impression on customers. Consequently, they get dragged into pricing against plumbers who quote cheap rates because they think it’s the only way to compete.

Generally, consumers are tuned into the fact that although a deal is great it’s actually quality that counts. Consumers can now shop for a plumber armed with a lot more information about their experience and capability, thanks to the internet and in particular to the Which? Trust a Trader scheme. But, all too often price still dominates the buying decision.

Part of the problem is that homeowners often resent spending money on having the toilet fixed. It wasn’t planned, they’d rather be spending their hard-earned cash on something more ‘valued’ or ‘desireable’. But, if they’re seeking a fast, reliable service to fix the ‘loo’ then the fact is it simply won’t be found by shopping around on price alone.

Just think about what a good plumber offers. He’ll usually be a qualified technician who arrives punctually on the doorstep with tools and equipment capable of assessing and fixing a problem that can’t be ignored (try living without a functioning toilet for more than a day!) and which the customer has absolutely no ability, time or inclination to fix themselves. He (or she) will be courteous, explaining what will be done and how much will be charged before working cleanly and efficiently to restore normal service. He’ll be prepared to back up the workmanship with a guarantee (because occasionally things do go wrong, however good we are!).

There are lots of good plumbers who all subscribe to the above standard of service that survive through ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. But, even they don’t seem to maximize their earning potential or fulfill their growth ambitions simply because they fail to understand their own worth. Being ‘price-shy’ is one of the inevitable consequences.

At Your Plumber we understand how to provide a plumbing service that customers are happy to pay a premium price for. We know what the quality of our service is worth and pride ourselves on being more expensive than competitors. Your Plumber franchisees are achieving success because they’re able to effectively compete not just on their plumbing and heating proficiency but because they have a striking brand image, efficient business systems and access to promotional techniques that work. They build their businesses by consistently delivering excellent service which customers are prepared to pay a premium price for and recommend to their friends and family!

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Questions? Call 01202 230070
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