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5 struggles every small plumbing business faces (and how a franchise could help)

06 August 2015

1. “I thought I’d have more free time being my own boss”

Running a small plumbing business takes up a lot of your time, it’s certainly not 9-5. Everything falls on you – marketing the business to find customers, answering calls and booking appointments, visiting clients, preparing quotes, ordering parts and dealing with suppliers, reading industry updates to stay compliant with regulations, bookkeeping, banking, and of course actually doing the plumbing or heating repair somewhere in all of that!

A Your Plumber franchise provides you with easy to follow systems for dealing with the key aspects of running the business. Our industry leading IT management program will transform the way you operate your business, giving you the time you need to spend either working on growing your business or enjoying the rewards of owning a business.

2. “Competitors keep cutting costs meaning I have to cut mine to compete”

Do you find yourself pricing jobs lower than you would like to because if you charge more then you will lose out to competitors?

Your Plumber helps you overcome this. A strong corporate identity backed up with a more professional service process enables you to differentiate yourself and give clients the reassurance to choose you ahead of competitors, even at higher prices.

3. “I’m either too busy or not busy enough. If work was consistent I could take on staff”

Growing the business and taking on staff is a big commitment, and understandably you need to know that there will be work to keep your new hire busy and covering their costs. Consistent work comes from consistent marketing efforts.

A Your Plumber franchise helps you to build a consistent flow of business from a mix of residential and commercial clients and key account work. Franchisees are able to offer service plans to clients which builds a portfolio of regular clients with guaranteed monthly income which provides the stability to take on staff and plan for growth.

4. “I wish I could talk to other plumbing businesses about what’s working for them”

Franchises offer great networking opportunities with other owners in your industry across the country. These people turn from competitors to collaborators who are interested in helping your business grow.

In a franchise, everyone is on the same team and has a genuine interest in helping you to succeed. Being able to connect with other franchisees can make a real difference to the success of your business.

5. “Advertising – it’s expensive and too hit and miss”

Advertising a plumbing and heating service can be complex. The days of placing an ad into Yellow Pages and waiting for the phone to ring are gone. Digital advancements with SEO, PPC and social media have not made it any easier for the average small business owner.

Franchises provide experience and support in navigating the marketing minefield. Your Plumber helps you to market your service to the local market to raise awareness and keep a steady flow of enquiries coming in. Our marketing support will ensure there is consistent marketing activity whilst you get on with running your business.


If you’re running a plumbing and heating business and recognise some of these frustrations, get in touch today and see if a franchise could help you turn your business into something that works for you, not the other way round.

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