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Case Study: Indy Gill

07 February 2017

Indy Gill started his Your Plumber franchise just over 4 months ago and despite having no previous managerial experience he is well on track with developing his business, with over 100 jobs already completed.

Having not run a business before Indy Gill was understandably anxious about how he would manage a Your Plumber franchise. The ambition to run his own business had been burning for some time and after having his home boiler changed he researched the plumbing and heating market and quickly realised the huge potential it offered. But, he had limited technical knowledge and no experience of managing a business.  

He says, “I knew the plumbing and heating market was substantial and presented a great business opportunity. However, I didn’t feel that getting trained to go out to fix or fit boilers was what I wanted to do. I wanted to concentrate on building a business”.

‘After some research I came across the Your Plumber franchise, which seemed to match my own aspirations of the type of business I could see myself running. It’s about developing a service business and running a team, using my people skills, but with loads of support and guidance to help me overcome some of my commercial weaknesses”.

Indy operates his franchise in an area that extends from West London into  Slough. Currently running from a home-based office he has appointed an experienced heating technician as the first member of his team. The focus is now on building the business by maximising his marketing activity and sharpening his sales conversion performance. This is where the training and support systems that Your Plumber provides have a vital role to play.

As Indy explains, “The support I have received so far has been fantastic as I didn’t have any history in owning or operating a business, so anything that I have required has been made available or any questions I’ve raised have been answered. And the FranConnect system makes it so easy for me to efficiently administer the business, particularly job scheduling and the finances.”

One key aspect of the Your Plumber business is recruiting staff and Indy has been particularly impressed with the assistance that the Your Plumber team has been able to provide. He says, “The greatest initial challenge has been finding the right employee. The Your Plumber system provides some great guidance on how to interview and appoint staff however I was still concerned about getting it right. But, Dan and Clive have been so helpful, advising and sitting in on the interviews, which has resulted in me appointing a first class technician.”

Indy is very conscious of the high standards that Your Plumber applies and the impact these have on the success of his business. He sees his primary responsibility being to ensure that professional service values are embedded in all aspects of his business and are fully adopted by his team. He says, “Customers choose Your Plumber because of the excellent service we provide. I have to make sure we deliver every time, if I don’t the business simply won’t be the success it can be”.

He continues, “When a job goes well and a customer is happy it vindicates the service that I strive to achieve and offers a real sense of self satisfaction. If a customer isn’t happy that’s when I really try to challenge myself to find out how can I resolve this? The great thing is you do find new challenges on a daily basis.”

The next step for Indy is to continue building the business by capitalising on the growing volume of calls for heating and plumbing repair and maintenance work, which come from both domestic and commercial customers. He says, “In the next few months I can see myself expanding with another technician and van, I also see the business progressing from the office in my home to a new business premises.”

There’s no doubt that the Your Plumber franchise is enabling Indy to achieve his ambition of owning a multi-van service business. Blending his enthusiasm and leadership abilities with the support provided by Your Plumber is creating a dynamic business partnership that’s geared for success. 




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